business valuations


Business appraisals in divorce litigation are used to value and divide the community property business or separate property business. Pereira Van Camp is often used for dividing the separate property business.

forensic accounting


Forensic accountant analyzing the cash flow from income available for spousal support and child support. Asset tracing and Moore-Marsden are often used in property characterization and property division.

CPA Expert Witness


Forensic accounting expert witness qualified in five Southern California counties. Court-appointed family law forensic accountant under CA Evidence Code 730 in four counties.

Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation is an effective and efficient alternative to divorce litigation when both parties are committed to preventing divorce litigation, preserving their community property and preparing for independence.

forensic evidence

Since 2003

CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc. has helped divorce attorneys and family law mediators and their clients in Southern California since 2003. Our CPA practice is limited to family law and divorce. We specialize in CPA expert witness testimony, business valuations, forensic accounting, divorce financial mediation and divorce co-mediation. Our service area includes Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

We simplify complex forensic accounting issues so that family law attorneys and divorce mediators and their clients can easily understand them. We work with attorneys practicing divorce litigation, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and alternative divorce solutions. We are a solid alternative to other divorce and family law forensic accounting firms.

Greg Raffaele is objectively one of the best expert witnesses that I have ever worked with in my career as an attorney. Mr. Raffaele is such a highly skilled CPA with almost 30 years of experience in forensic accounting. In the case that I worked...


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I'm so grateful and thankful that I hired Mr. Greg Raffaele as my forensic accountant. My case was very complicated and ended in a five-day court trial. Mr. Raffaele was a star witness at my trial who spent many hours getting caught up on my case and...


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