Divorce Forensic CPA as a Mediator

The process of divorce can be complex and expensive. After so many years together, choosing to part ways is complicated when dividing a house once owned separately (and now owned jointly) and a business owned before marriage that appreciated during your lives as husband and wife. When divorce is imminent (or contemplated), the first thing most couples do is to each hire a family law attorney. However, hiring a divorce lawyer may lead to litigation, which is a longer, costlier and more emotional process than mediation. CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics, Inc. is forensic CPA firm and its founder, Greg Raffaele, believes that mediation is an alternative to litigation. He also believes that divorcing couples do not have an unlimited amount of time, money and emotion. Therefore, as a financial mediator, he simplifies the complex financial issues of dividing property for a fixed fee in most cases.

Choosing to Hire a Divorce Attorney in OC

Hiring a divorce attorney is common and necessary in many cases. However, it does not necessarily mean you will reach a materially different financial result than mediation because attorneys themselves hire forensic CPAs as expert witnesses (like Greg) in cases involving property division. During the financial mediation process, Greg uses the principles of his “3P” approach: Prevent, Preserve and Prepare. Divorcing couples must agree to prevent litigation, preserve their wealth and prepare for independent lives “before” Greg can mediate their divorce. His approach is unique and is the foundation for your successful division of property, which is focused on saving you time, money and emotion. Greg’s approach is intellectual even though he understands our emotional associations with having less property.

We Are Not Lawyers, We Are Financial Mediators

It is a common belief that only a family law attorney can mediate your divorce. A simple Google search will prove otherwise. If you and your spouse agree mediation is the best option, contact CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics, Inc. at 949.264.1455. Greg will provide a free one-hour phone consultation to determine if CROSSCOR is the best fit for your divorce mediation.



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